What is Hydroplane Racing? - Gananoque Nickel Cup

What is Hydroplane Racing?

Hydroplane racing basically comes down to timing

Drivers initially warm their engines and crucially set their timing marks, vying to cross the start/finish line at full speed the second the five minute countdown clock hits zero. Boats then burst across the start line, creating an incredible “flying start” not seen anywhere else in the sporting world. The first turn is where a lot of the action takes place, with rooster tails high into the air. The boats fly around the course circuit for 8 km (5 miles), with the clock now counting up to time the race.

At the Nickel Cup Regatta, four classes will be represented:

2.5 litre | Formula 2500 | Hydro 350 | Grand Prix

The boats are assigned lanes and hit speeds anywhere from 180 km/hr to 300 km/hr depending on their class. It all combines for heart-stopping action that you won’t want to miss!